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Innovative Digitech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS)


Organization Name
Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services (IDEAS) Institute.

Mission Statement
To research and validate innovative applications via IDEAS Factory to become a premium service provider and designer.
Principal Business Activities

In assisting the government to facilitate the development of innovative IT solutions domestically, the IDEAS Institute, via research of core technologies, designed and promoted the value chain for innovative application services, and effectively assisted the industry in using technology and service design methodology to increase service value and to expand Taiwan into the global innovative service markets.

  • Innovative Applications & Services Consultation.
  • Research and promotion of IT Service Management Solutions.
  • Service Innovation and Design.

IDEAS Factory Mechanism:

  • Social Media

    Manage vast social media data, develop social media analysis solutions, assist  promotion of social influence for brands  and service providers, and improve  social network analysis and service capabilities of the information service provider.

  • Smart Contents

    Investigate cross-platform multi-screen- App production technologies, establish smart media service platform, develop personalized recommendation services and immersive interactive user experiences, and drive the integration and innovation of publishing-Media and devices, to empower service providers.

  • Smart Retail

    The retail service domain Knowledge Bank can be used to assist the major field service providers to adopt design methods of service experience , sensor technology, and business intelligence analytics, and to construct an interdisciplinary innovative smart retail service model. In addition to driving service value chain related businesses in moving toward the ecosystem service goals of attaining international competitiveness, experiencing economic benefits, and global service output value, solutions for Online-to-Offline (O2O) smart business services will also be developed to help replicate solutions for information service providers to compete for global business.

  • Smart Manufacturing

    Leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to integrate and collect information of the whole factory, to develop manufacturing optimized analysis techniques, to assist the industry in improving the utilization rate and product quality, to reduce energy consumption and improve supply chain management flexibility, and to facilitate manufacturing service model innovation.

  • Smart Production

    Develop cloud knowledge management platform to provide KM services for crop planting, fertilizing and pest management, to detect various actual field environmental parameters, and to make use of automatic environmental monitoring and control technology and facilities to provide the best environment for crop growth by enhancing production volume and quality level.

  • Cloud Services

    Deepen cloud technology, develop innovative could services such as multi-tenant, automatic resource-on-demand, and engage in operation services, to accumulate universal cloud experiences. The current efforts include Cloud DC, food history and tracing services, document delivery, and data exchange services.

  • Service Experience Engineering (S.E.E.) Methodology

    Ally with leading brands and service providers; from providing advanced contextualized research, designing innovative service experiences, to assisting the nurturance of service business and empirical experiences, to create the ecosystem for value chain and empirical service operation model, and to cultivate innovative business and replicate solutions.

Capabilities and Experiences

  • S.E.E. (Service Experience Engineering)
    ─   Adopt service experience engineering methods to promote industrial service innovation.
    ─   Build the most comprehensive technology-user behavior database, and perform as the service innovation think tank for the government and the industry.
    ─   Use S.E.E. method to establish service industry R & D innovation center for domain brand leaders to infuse service innovation momentum.
    ─   Promote S.E.E based MBA feature courses to cultivate industry needed Service Designers.
    ─   Establish the IDEAS Bake platform, assemble service innovation team via IDEAS show, integrate external venture capital and industry experts, and promote the development of domestic service innovation entrepreneurship.

  • Product Perception
    ─   According to each specific field’s characteristics,develop field-specific front-end sensing device and environmental information collecting/analysis systems, construct IT standards and remote analysis tools, create smart perception-of-value-added services, and provide knowledge based decision-making tools for upstream and downstream supply chain.

  • Service Intelligence
    ─   Collect large volume of Internet data, structured and unstructured, on the actual consumer consumption trajectory, behavior of multi-device operations, corporate membership and operational information to form the basis for business decision analysis, and to develop domain specific smart service solutions for the both the front and back ends.

  • Immersion User Experiences (ImUX)
    ─   The equipment on-site and the interactive core technologies can provide the freedom for the industry to be creative in content design and scripting, can activate existing inactive material, and can work with the display technologies to engage in innovative technological interactions in the real and virtual worlds.

  • Cloud Open Lab
    ─   Invite all cloud products to be deployed in the cloud development and testing platform, making it the most complete cloud information website.
    ─   Build cloud product directory services with detailed product description to facilitate inquires of the needed users.
    ─   Provide product trial services for users to experience services and to facilitate purchasing decisions.
    ─   Offer product testing services to help building product credibility for the developers.
    ─   Match the demand and supply sides, and provide cloud features planning and testing services to government projects, to facilitate the government release of RFP and acceptance.
    ─   Develop cross-cloud services; integrate resources of tenant companies, to facilitate manufacturers’ development of more innovative applications.

 Major Accomplishments

  • Social Media
    ─   Two consecutive-year winners (2012, 2013) in the NTCIR International Natural Language Processing contest.
    ─   “SER Technology Chinese semantic analysis technology” received “Best In Show” award in the TAAI 2012 international academic competition.
    ─   Developed Chinese social media smart analysis platform in the social media area to help creating new social application business opportunities for leading brands / retailers. Cooperated with 14 domestic information services providers to develop social intelligence via cooperative innovative application service efforts such as Social Appliance, Check-up of Name Brand Social Group, Social Media Influence Analysis, and Social Media Group Content Analysis, of which four services had entered into commercial operation.

  • Smart Contents
    ─   In mobile content media publishing area, developed smart content production and analysis platforms, facilitated the industries in publication, platforms, and hardware vendors, and created new media application business opportunities in smart content Apps. Currently assisting more than five new services in commercial operations for the domestic content and information service industry, with more than 50 media publishing providers using the services derived from the effort. Domestically, the Smart content platform technology won the “Innovation of the Year Pilot Award" in the second National Industrial Innovation competition, and internationally, the smart content platform technology won the "Asia E-Learning International Award" in the 9th Japanese E-learning Grand Prize, and the “2012 Best Paper award” at the Education International (EI) CONTENT 2012 seminar (28% paper acceptance rate).

  • Smart Retail
    ─   Guided 50+ retailers in smart retail, created IT service technology model cases and system such as regional micro shopping guide, mobile shopping, interactive music service, smart devices, mobile community, “Shake Me”, and ibon tour guide. Site service validation was done at the northern renowned business district (101, dream mall, Taipei transfer station area) to create replicable field experience in assisting the transformation of the information services providers to providing commercial IT services.

  • Smart Manufacturing
    ─   "ServBox" (front end of the Serv.Family, working with ServAgent and ServCloud) won 2011 German iF Gold Award.
    ─   Intelligent Service Integration Platform for Machine Tool Industry, iSP won the 2011 Ministry of Economic Value Added Contribution to Traditional Industry award.
    ─   ICT to collect the entire plant information, and after integration, send to the back-end platform via standard protocols for the development of the best analysis technology to conduct root-cause analysis and to identify bottlenecks. The goal is to increase the industry overall utilization rate of at least 10%, equivalent to enhancing NT$59.8 billion of the overall industrial value. Subsequently, combine with academic, industry expert groups, as well as existing systems integrators to work together, in accordance with production data transparency → Root Cause Analysis → utilization rate improvement method R&D cycle, to ultimately help the industry to improve the utilization rate, enhance the flexibility of supply chain management, and drive manufacturing service innovation.

  • Smart Production
    ─   Assisted more than five agricultural software and hardware providers in the agricultural production industry. The five innovated application services include RFID production history application, smart environmental control, non-destructive orchid seedlings measurement, and orchid garden mobility management, etc., established the model cases of agricultural science and technology. Service validations were done at the Taiwan orchid plantation to accumulate the cumulative and replicable field experiences to assist in the development of IT services for the traditional agricultural equipment industry.

  • Cloud Services
    ─   Cloud technology has been used in cloud services such as Tracking Cloud of Food Traceability, electronic document exchange cloud, machine tools cloud, and social media cloud. The food cloud prompted 15 major’s vendors planning for private clouds, obtained an investment of NT$500 million from the food industry, upgraded 927 players in the supply chain system, created an output value of NT$ 8.7 billion, and influenced the food safety value of output of more than NT$ 40 billion.

  • S.E.E.
    ─   Proposed a set of integrated services innovative methodology: The first complete service research and development guideline and methodology complying with international standards covering business, software engineering, behavioral science, and service design fields.
    ─   Increase service innovation efficiency by 200%: After validation with hundreds of vendors in the industry, the overall service efficiency from idea to R&D can be doubled (reducing from an average of 6-8 months to 3 months).
    ─   Awarded R & D Excellence Award for three years: Designated by the Technology Division as the only compulsory service innovation methodology course for major corporations that can activate the service development momentum of the industry.
    ─   Accumulated assets such as 70 research techniques and methods, 34 service design toolboxes, 21 product data model libraries, 50 character model prototype libraries, nurtured more than 100 Service Innovation Architect lecturers for our Institute, and derived “IT service innovation cases".
    ─   Assembled and published the book titled "A manual of Insight into Customers” that is the first of the Technology Division to win the National Publishing Award. The book, "Service experience engineering --- Blueprint, Tools, Cases," won the 2012 Industry Leading Knowledge Service Award from the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • FIND
    ─   “IT Service application and development Almanac” won the 2011 and 2012 Industry Knowledge Navigator Award in technology development from the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    ─   FIND conducted over 15 years’ research in Internet, technology applications, and services innovation. The more than 10 areas covered include telecommunications services, Internet services, distribution services, manufacturing, and information services. It is Taiwan’s most comprehensive technology application and service innovation knowledge base leveraging the competitive index, consumer behavior, service innovation research of more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It is currently serving 100,000 industry members with 400 million download annually.

  • IDEAS Bake
    ─   Cultivated more than 100 domestic new ventures teams and coached more than 20 teams winning international publication selection, such as Maps Diary (DEMO USA), Activity Pass (DEMO China), Cubie Messenger (500 Startup). Entrepreneurial team funded include such as iPeen, ezTable, Vpon, and Hiiir, totaling about NT$1500 million investment in the industry.