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Major Events
Major Events
  • In September, III represented Taiwan to participate in the AFACT Council Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In the conference, Taiwan was elected as the Supporting Office to the Secretariat from 2001-2005.  This helped incorporate Taiwan's standards into the international e-commerce standards and further supported the promotion of a domestic paperless trading environment and industry digitalization.
  • In October, III introduced the CMMI Standard to help domestic enterprises and to increase the international competitiveness of Taiwan's software industry; III is the first organization in Taiwan to receive Level 2 Certification.
  • III introduced the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and became the first organization to receive the BS7799 International Standard Certification.
  • III completed the new generation standard learning platform SCORM1.2API Adapter.  It is the first organization to pass the SCORM conformance test suite 12.2RTE, the highest level testing unit.
  • In December, III represented the government in the UN World Summit on the Information Society, and contributed to the resolution of the digital divide.
  • III contributed to service innovation of live fish food supply chains and demonstrated the cross-domain integration of the southern region's traditional industry with the creation of a live fish consumer market.  More than 30 vendors, inspectors, distribution channels, and restaurant operators supported the said service innovation.
  • In January, III cooperated with the National Tsing Hua University to establish the "Communication Network Technology Development Center" and continued to perform research on Intelligence Service, smart handheld dual-network support capability and many others.
  • In February, III and the Executive Yuan's International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) co-sponsored "The Development of Digital Opportunities in support of the International Mission Trips" to Guatemala and Swaziland.  This created an opportunity to reduce the digital divide.
  • Through the collective efforts of III, the government and the society, the first "Community Digital Opportunity Center" in Taiwan was established in Chong-Liao Town of Nantou County in March.
  • III obtained the first CMMI Level 3 Certificate.  This established a new benchmark in the international software industry as well as the IT Service industry in Taiwan.
  • III was presented with a Special Contribution Award by the ASOCIO organization.
  • III developed the Java software technology for mobile phones, which was adopted by 77% of the mobile phone industry and ranked No. 1 among 200 similar mobile phone models worldwide; this Java technology was integrated with a wireless communication chip, allowing IC design vendors to enter the international cell phone communication chip market.
  • "CONNECT TAIWAN" was launched to promote Taiwan's innovative ICT industry development and to integrate entrepreneurship with domestic and international venture capital resources.
  • In October, III passed the ZigBee compliant Platform (ZCP) verification test and became the first ZCP-certified organization in Taiwan and Asia.
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF)'s 2005-2006 Global Information Technology Report acknowledged III as the key factor behind Taiwan's successful ICT industry.  With its IT competitiveness, Taiwan was ranked among the top 10 in ICT worldwide.
  • III was given the "Best Choice as Education Training Institute" recognition by the Information Management Association; Microsoft Corporation presented III with the "Best Customer Satisfaction Award".
  • III held a 42-day "Health Insurance Seminar" for top officers of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health.  This was an important milestone in international market expansion as it led the industry toward a global market.
  • III, TSMC and IBM Taiwan were the top 3 corporations in Taiwan's PMP ranking.
  • III helped establish the "Green Environment Partnering Promotion Center", and signed a MOU with Sony Taiwan to promote the Green Certificate.
  • The Learning Impact Leadership Award was given to the development of learning repository in Taiwan (LORT) by the International Organization for Standardization (IMS); And the the Circle of Excellence Award was given to the training quality of Information Security by the US EC-Council.
  • 29 and 36 cases of 802.16j and 802.16m respectively were proposed to the WiMAX International Standard and obtained approval; III's position as co-chairman of major international corporations such as Intel, Nokia, Siemens in the IEEE 802.16tm Relay Task Force, has benefited Taiwan's industry in IPR cross licensing.
  • III supported the government in hosting the first cross-strait conference - "2009 Cross-Strait Cooperation and Exchange Conference of Telematics Industry" - to establish the first systematic exchange platform of such industry.  This initiated the cross-strait development of the Telematics industry.
  • The "Cross-Strait Cooperation and Exchange Conference of Information Service Industry", was held and participated by over 450 cross-strait experts in the industry, including government agencies, the academe, and research institutes.  During the conference, Nanking City, PRC signed a 5- year US$100 million procurement agreement with Taiwan.  Moreover, 67 Letter of Intents (LOI) were signed for future cooperation.
  • By receiving the ISO 20000 Certificate, the Information Technology Center of III served as model of excellence in the ICT industry.
  • III was presented with the top Chairman's Award in the WITSA 2010 Global ICT Excellence Awards for its outstanding achievement in promoting the information society.  III's recognition was likewise a great honor for Taiwan.