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Great Benefits and Family-friendly Work Environment
Cathy Chang
During the first three months of pregnancy, I hesitated but still notified my supervisor of my pregnancy. And in the following months, I was deeply touched by what happened. My supervisor changed my job description so no frequent business travels were required and my colleagues provided me with a lot of support. It was such a relief that the pregnancy did not affect my job performance and everyone was nice to me. And it is also very helpful to have a nursing room and gym nearby. On top of that, I was given 15 days of paid sick leave for prenatal checkups. My baby was recently hospitalized and, thanks to III's group insurance, my financial burdens were reduced considerably. I am thankful that III not only looks after their employees but also their family members.

III is a place that aims to strengthen the employees' sense of belonging with an amiable work environment and the family-friendly corporate culture.
Group Insurance
We provide the best group insurance, including life, accident, disability, medical and caner insurance. III also provides medical insurance for employees working overseas to ensure their medical payments are properly covered to provide them with financial protection. We not only provide group insurance for our employees but also for their family members such as spouses and children to help lessen the impact on their finances when accidents strike. 

Leave system
Vacation regulations are superior to the Labor Standards Act 
Vacation regulations are superior to the Labor Standards Act. This is to ensure that our employees have adequate rest and leisure time to balance both their career and personal life. III also has different leave categories available upon request such as study leave, paid sick leave, parental leave and unpaid leave.

Salary system
We believe employees are our best assets and sincerely hope that every III employee can be inspired and motivated to perform better. To retain the best talent in the industry, we provide a competitive base salary, along with performance-based awards and pay raises.

Incentive system
To inspire our employees and teams, III provides annual awards under several categories such as Best Technical Elite Award, Best Professional Award, Best Manager Award, and Excellent Project Award. Awards will be presented at an award ceremony held every year for employees and their families to share the glory and joy. We also have additional awards for technology development projects, granted patents, employee retention and referrals to empower our employees.

Pension system
III provides a well-structured pension system to ensure our employees have quality retirement. Aside from the pension fund subject to government laws and regulations, employees will receive dismissal allowances reserved on amonthly basis to ensure a financially healthy retirement. 
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