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Overseas On-the-job Training Brings a New Dimension
Peter Yu
It has been eight years since I first joined III. For many years, it has been my pleasure to work with a group of excellent and positive colleagues in several research and development projects. III has always encouraged its employees to live and learn. For this reason, several training sessions or seminars/workshops have been arranged to deepen and broaden our understanding of new skills. Just a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to go on a six-month overseas on-the-job training with OOL (Okinawa Open Laboratory) through the recommendation of my supervisor. During the training period, III not only paid me my full salary but also covered my living, accommodation, and transport expenses so that I was able to concentrate on building R&D capability without having to worry about the financial aspects.

After the completion of this training, I returned to my job position and became a contact person to help III connect with OOL. Aside from bridging the R&D between Japanese and Taiwanese SDN industries, the cooperation has succeeded in helping III gain traction in SDN. In addition, compliments from my Japanese supervisor also helped me build up my self-esteem. While overseas, I was deeply impressed by the Japanese people's politeness, obedience, attentiveness, discipline, and strict class divisions at work. Among other things, my Japanese listening skills had also improved substantially.

This six-month journey not only significantly improved my professional skills but also added much value to my career life.
Comprehensive Staff Training and Development Programs

III provides comprehensive training and development programs to employees, including management skills, professional knowledge, general training, in-service training, international talent development, and new staff orientation. Based on the focus of operation and the ensuing requirements for different levels and functions every year, we have designed appropriate training projects to develop professtional skills for our workforce. On average, the amount of time and funding an III employee receives per year for training and development is among the highest in the industry. 

& Testing Center) and continuing education centers in several universities in Taiwan. Employees enlisted in these courses can apply for III subsidies. Furthermore, we also encourage employees to study for more advanced academic degrees. Employees entitled to study for an academic degree can receive full tuition grants and work on flexible hours. We strive to provide an environment that supports employees to strike a balance between work and continuous education.

In order to consolidate our R&D strength and cultivate international talent, III has selected outstanding employees for short-term overseas study. Over the years, we have established partnerships with the world's prestigious schools, research institutes, and renowned organizations, helping III employees to extend their reach to the world and develop their professional knowledge and careers.

Various Training & Development Channels

In addition to staff training programs designed by the Human Resource Development Division (HR), III also provides professional training courses to the public. Founded in 1979, III's Digital Education Institute (DEI) offers ICT-related certificate courses in Taiwan. Moreover, III's Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), headquartered in Taipei and with a research network spanning across Asia, offers a variety of training courses for industry analysts. With the support of its institutes, III offers rich and specialized courses that no other companies can offer.

III also operates one of the largest dedicated IT industry libraries in Taiwan—the Computing Information Service Center (CISC), which houses a myriad of research resources, including books, journals, digital databases, and information about the hottest technology topics around the world. With a variety of internal/external training, e-learning, topical talks, on-line research resources, and a vast collection of books, III employees can enjoy learning and self-development anytime anywhere.
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