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How an Arts & Humanities Major Found her Place at III
Evie Lu
When I joined III, I was a new recruit with a bachelor's degree in History. As an Arts & Humanities major, it was difficult for me to imagine any career development opportunities in III where IT is its middle name. However, I was proven wrong. Initially, I worked as an Assistant Administrator. After a couple of years, I began to shoulder some responsibilities for project management and activity promotion. With the change in my role at III, I found my capabilities improved through attending various training courses. From handling internal group meetings to organizing public conferences of over 300 attendees, from answering customer hotlines to actively marketing and promoting products, and from managing small projects to carrying out the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) cycle for large-scale projects, I was continuously improving my abilities and therefore was able to take on greater responsibilities. As a result, I was promoted from Assistant Administrator to Administrator.

A few years ago, I was transferred to HR. At first, I was worried about this change because I was completely new to the field of human resource management. However, I was grateful that my supervisor assigned a good mentor to guide me through the training—from running education and training programs to designing courses. Additionally, I was also encouraged to develop my knowledge of human resource management by attending professional training courses at other organizations. I was even encouraged to pursue a master's degree in human resource management. After three years working at HR, I began to undertake more tasks, including performance management, performance appraisal, and project planning. In addition to acquiring two certificates in human resource management, I was also admitted to the Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management at National Central University. What's more, I was promoted to Manager! 
III provides its employees with a stage and opportunities to shine. If you seek diverse possibilities to develop your career and abilities, be sure to join us!
We have sound and diverse career development paths, including the Management Path and Professional Path. In the Management Path, employees can choose between project management and organizational management. Based on individual needs and performance, together with a comprehensive system of performance appraisal, promotion, and job rotation, III employees can choose to pursue further development in management skills or professional knowledge.

Well-developed Performance Management System

To give employees appropriate feedback on their engagement and performance, we have established an equitable, open, and transparent performance management system, which simultaneously assesses an employee's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and competence. Through this system, we can gain an understanding of the employees' performance, potential, and development needs in the future, and give them appropriate rewards and opportunities.

Complete Job Rotation System

In response to the changing environment and individual willingness, III supports diverse development of personal competence. Opportunities for work rotations or transfer between different departments are regularly published on III's intranet. Employees have the opportunity to take on different jobs and tasks and develop new expertise in various fields. The job rotation system aims to help employees develop their careers without limits.  

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