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Work Hard & Stay Healthy! III Revitalizes My Life
Albert. H
Before coming on board last year, I thought working in III, a government-backed institute, would be dull. It took me by surprise when I realized that this is not at all the case. III provides a variety of social and leisure activities, including health-oriented ones, which have a great deal of support over my health management.

After working at III for several months, I got a free, thorough health check-up. And when I received my health check report, unsurprisingly a number of checked items were highlighted in red, including high cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. I was overweight then because I didn't stick to healthy eating habits for a long time. Health experts always say that being overweight is a key risk factor in developing 3 highs and that's why I joined III's weight-loss plan which is designed to help employees to stay fit and healthy. III also has a series of health workshops and sports contests to help employees develop a healthier lifestyle.

Among those, I was most impressed with the aerobics and road running races. Taking part in an aerobics contest does not just reward weight loss but also prizes. I had encouraged a bunch of my colleagues to take part in the contest. Even though we did not win the first prize, I was amazed by everyone's efforts to make the contest a memorable one. Furthermore, to help employees achieve the road running goals, III hired a professional running coach to teach us how to warm up and breathe properly while running. This not only boosted my confidence in running but also helped me achieve a 9km road running goal for the first time.

Working at III is like a dream come true. III not only ensures employees have a good work environment but also helps them to develop healthy habits. This is where I would like to devote my time and energy to. By promoting employee engagement and wellbeing, III would like employees to Work Hard & Stay Healthy. You are welcome to join this big family and revitalize your life here.

We would like to look after our employees to help them maintain a work-life balance while providing a healthy, friendly and pleasant work environment that not only meets their needs but also brings work efficiency.

Comprehensive Health Care

We provide employees with regular health checkups, aerobics contests, weight loss plans and a number of large-scale outdoor activities as well as health workshops to help them develop healthy habits.

Recreation and Sports Communities

We encourage employees to create social clubs based on their interests to ensure that they find a balance between their work and personal lives. Now, III has over 10 clubs under various categories for employees to choose from, such as softball, badminton, photography, table games, gymnastics, and Buddhism, just to name a few.

Company Outings

We provide travel stipends to employees for company outings which can be organized by individual departments based on employee interests and schedules. 

Welfare and Benefits

Cash gifts are given to employees for the occasions of birthdays, wedding and childbirth, and consolation money for funerals; several stores and group buying websites have partnered with III from which employees can enjoy significant discounts; regular leisure activities such as sports events like jogging and biking and movies, music concerts and recreational workshops to strengthen the bonding between employees and their family members to boost family harmony. Additionally, employees are also given volunteer opportunities to get connected to the society. 

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Club Activities
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Club Activities